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“The only calibration that counts is how much heart people invest, how much they ignore their fears of being hurt or caught out or humiliated. And the only thing people regret is that they didn’t live boldly enough, that they didn’t invest enough heart, didn’t love enough. Nothing else really counts at all”
Ted Hughes

” Billie Holiday” 2013 Acrylic and ink on canvas (detail)

” Draw and paint what you love”

Lets get one thing straight from the start. There is a myth that needs to be dispensed with in how people think about art and that is that drawing and painting are separate activities.
They are not. They both begin with a mark.

*Draw and paint what you Love” is an Ecourse that will connect drawing and painting for you and will help you to get comfortable with combining these two activities,not treating them as separate aspects of the creative process. Children do not think this way,they make images with whatever means they have at their disposal. We need to take a ‘note to self’ from our children! PAUSE the inner critic button that clutters the adult brain and PRESS PLAY !!

.” Artemesia” Acrylic and ink 90cm x 60cm 2013







STARTS February 11th 2013 Eventbrite - DRAW AND PAINT WHAT YOU LOVE - Ecourse
 ” I signed up for Pauline’s class because I admired her style of painting and figure drawing. I wanted to learn from her and her techniques. I did not anticipate the absolutely wonderful experience this would become. She has helped me grow so very much as an artist. I am discovering my own voice because of her and discovered a great group of art sisters that I will cherish now and always. I would recommend this course to any and all who wish to be inspired by a truly wonderful teacher.”

Gina B Ahrens.USA

Pauline is an amazing teacher with the ability to bring out the true creative soul of a person.Her knowledge and teaching methods are exceptional.
An accomplished and sensitive artist herself, she has a real eye for spotting the essence of a piece and bringing out the best in all her students. Her course is second to none and  pure joy!
Phyllis Fell. UK

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Draw and paint what you Love” – The overview!


Course topics

“Draw and paint what you love” is a dynamic interactive five week art course, that will focus on the creative process that leads to the object that we produce and not the other way around. It will also explore the mindset of creative artists, modern and old masters, because like masters  of any practise discover, there is an effective way of  ‘seeing’ and ‘acting upon’ that doesn’t all come naturally!

If you join me on this journey the five lessons that I have prepared for you combine  observation and sensation as a learning experience. This is how I work and teach in a nutshell, and this approach has really helped me and will really help you to look and feel as you make art.and infuse that art with feeling and awareness. The class topic list is:

Week 1: Drawing and painting begin with a mark. Make many.
Week 2: Feel the line.Caress your contours.
Week 3: Negative space is not empty. Make negative positive.
Week4:  Opposites attract. And color moves us.
Week5:  Everything is connected. Its all about relationships

This course includes:

- Full Access to a professionally designed art course in my private online classroom.Easy to navigate and full of juicy inspirational content,with daily posts Monday- Friday!

-Powerful art exercises designed to help you ‘see’ what you are making as you create art more holistically.

- An amazing interactive multimedia tool,to help you to engage with this course in a really immersive manner.

- A weekly virtual art date, that I have planned for you! Dress informal.No hangover guaranteed!

- Links to lots of external resources that have inspired me as an artist and teacher.

- Access to a community of like-minded people (and me!)from all over the world via a private facebook group. Online learning is inclusive not exclusive.

 The Mindset aspect of this course will be interwoven into every class and will focus on ways of overcoming two huge hurdles that all artists have to master. That is accepting yourself ,which makes your work yours and allowing your art to come from that place ,which makes your work distinctive .We will explore that in several ways including, tapping into the stories of our ‘tribe’, artists who have come before us, and how their art practises can teach us how to overcome barriers and blockages,and how to re-script  stories that have held us back. Nobody creates in a vaccum, so why should you. This course  isn’t just about drawing and painting as you may be sensing by now, its also about nurturing ourselves through the process. Making art is good for you! Louise knows and I’m all for having more Louises on this planet!

By the end of the five week course you will be inspired to continue on the path of creative self discovery that calls us all whether we choose to call ourselves artists or not, equipped with new supply lines of inspiration and creative techniques, and you will be moving!
My job as a teacher is to set your wheels in motion by creating an environment where learning can happen.You will be in the driving seat of how you choose to act on the stimulation that you receive ,because that is where you belong!

Each topic in “Draw and paint what you love “will be taught through a combination of video tutorials, interactive multimedia presentations, audio prompts and downloadable PDF documents which will contain relevant course material, worksheets and resources that will complement the video tutorials.

Basic Course requirements

- Internet access that is fast enough to be able to watch a video like my one above.
– You need to be able to photograph your work and upload it to facebook
(not difficult,I promise, any one under 18 can show you how!)

– NO ART EXPERIENCE is necessary but an OPEN MIND is a decided advantage!
– You will need to purchase some art materials if you do not have them already, but they will not break the bank, I promise!
– You will need to free up TWO HOURS per week to complete the art assignments that I give you.Two hours per week that you can devote to YOU!

Engaging with your classmates (and me!)

The course  PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, is what turns my Ecourse into an interactive source of support and inspiration ! Participants can upload images of work they produce during the Ecourse for peer support and I will be active in that group on a daily basis offering positive constructive feedback .This is for me, a key component of  my course, if I can’t interact with you, you would be better off investing your money in a book. In fact, I continue to support and inspire my students after the Ecourse ends through my continued engagement with anyone who has studied with me via the private FB group. However, because there are many, many, people who have been setback by insensitive teachers, and sadly they sometimes do exist, I also provide a PRIVATE ACCESS SERVICE as part of my Ecourse course offering to any prospective student who needs  one on one support initially. This enables students to email work to me for private feedback. That saidfrom my own experience as an e-learner,meeting kindred spirits in a supportive and positive environment is an essential and invaluable part of e-courses, and I have made new friends and accessed world class teachers through this process. We live in really exciting times educationally.


Like what you have seen and want to really amp up your art?
Join me on Feb 11th 2013, I would love to teach you!

Eventbrite - DRAW AND PAINT WHAT YOU LOVE - Ecourse