Image: Tara Morris

Hi, I’m Pauline  

I’m an artist and art teacher, living in Ireland, and I am passionate about art and creativity.
Why? Because, for me, being creative is a basic human given, available to everyone, and an essential part of being engaged in life in a meaningful way. When we make art we feel more alive, playful,and grounded.


I  love creating and sharing what art as a practise does for me and can do for others. The subjects that interest me as an artist, are the human form,and landscape, which in my humble opinion are deeply connected, and if I was to sum that up it could read like this: 

The body is a landscape and I love the shifting emotional weather that it encapsulates .
The landscape, and especially the way weather alters how I see and experience it, are the two enduring themes that I constantly re-visit and love to draw and paint.
Everything is connected.

[ Some people like to call this type of comment an artist’s statement, as if that could ever be definitive. :))]

Alongside my love of painting, I create Ecourses that teach people to draw and paint with confidence, and my degree in Fine Art and Masters in interactive multimedia are useful in this respect!

I also like to lure people who have a creative itch to art retreats that I create in magical places, where they leave the daily grind behind and find out how art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul. Picasso who said this,was a terrific prankster and a tease, but on this occasion he was speaking from the heart.

My students get to really ‘know’ what Picasso meant when they work with me, and I get to
enjoy taking them to that place.
I can think of no nicer way to make a living!
Oh and BTW my most recent art retreat was here. It was aptly called ‘ A space for dreaming’. :))
I  showcased this very popular event last October at a free online Facebook event. You can still see the showcase here

bantryBantry House, West Cork, Ireland

Ways to connect with me

Visit my E-courses  via the drop-down menu at the top of this page, and please consider joining one. The word on the street is that I am pretty good at what I do, and my students  say some pretty nice things about me ;-).  I NEVER take that for granted!

My new Ecourse, ‘See Feel.Paint – Expressive faces and figures’ is starting  on April 20th, after a sell-out launch when I first taught it last Autumn.I am so excited!

I would love you to sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar to your right. I have several exciting projects in the pipeline.

You can also follow me on Facebook Here. I am very active there, and on Pinterest, where you can follow me here. I am a total art junkie and have lots of gorgeous art boards, which I use as a teaching resource too. My students like that.

 PRAISE [ don’t we love it!]

“Pauline , you are a catalyst , I don’t know how you do it , but you can free up the creative spirit in us with your enthusiasm and your passion for art and teaching / sharing it … you are very contagious!!”

Paula Walsh. Ecourse participant.Canada.

“I can vouch for Pauline Agnew’s amazing ability to connect with students and to get the most amazing work out of them! Whether you’ve done courses before or are a novice, you will surprise yourself at what appears under your hand and before your eyes! Seriously, think of giving this a go. She’s a Star from West Cork and a delight! You get so much for your money here and there’s no pressure, other than that you want to ride on her wave of skill, joy and enthusiasm for art”

Jaci Dunsford.  Ecourse participant. Wales

Seems I can’t resist anything this woman does…!!  If you’re looking for wonderfully inspiring, knowledgable , sensitive and awesome teaching …with a side of fabulous community support and camaraderie thrown in for good measure ….then I HIGHLY recommend any of Pauline Agnew‘s amazing courses and art retreats!!
-Mischa Hannah Scott. UK



HEAD‘Head study’ – Oil pastel and ink,on handmade Indian paper. 8″x 11″. 2013